Submitting a piece

It can be scary to submit a piece of yourself to a publisher for the first time or for the hundredth time. No matter where you are on your journey of being published, the anxiety and stress that accompany hitting that “submit” button is high.

Over the last few years, The DWL Journal has attempted to get off the ground. It has been a difficult road full of anxiety and stress that is only matched by those who are on the other side of this journey with us. Those who submit are putting their projects in our hands. And I feel as though the model we’ve set up over two years ago isn’t working.

Our parent company, Dream Write Learn Services has just updated their website to a fresh new look, updated fees, and a more streamlined request for services. If you haven’t been over there, now would be a great time to pop over. With the new changes over there, it was bound to happen over here. And it has!

We have updated our submission guidelines, changed how to submit, and added an optional submission fee. How the submission fee works is if you would like comments and suggestions to your piece, a $25 review fee will be needed per piece you want reviewed. Simply request this service when you submit your pieces to with the subject line: DWL Journal Submissions.

We have also added that pieces accepted will be compensated based on type and length of the piece. Details on pay range and scale will be announced before the next submission deadline (December 15th!).

With the way we have our deadlines set up, we accept pieces all year round. Don’t hesitate to submit a piece in-between deadlines; especially if you want your piece reviewed by a staff member.