Company News

The DWL Journal would like to announce the following important dates:

March 15th – submission deadline

Some may wonder when volume 3 is coming out. We have had such low submission rates, that we have decided to wait to publish until we have 40 submissions. We will continue to have the submission deadlines as already announced. They are: March 15th, June 15th, September 15th, and December 15th.

We would also like to announce the following themes of each 2018 submission deadline:

March – Holidays

June – Summer Vacations

September – Mystical Creatures

December – A picture is worth a thousand words

Guidelines for themed submissions:

  1. Write a short story, poem, or creative nonfiction piece that goes along with the theme.
  2. No set genre for submissions.
  3. December’s photo will be announced in June.
  4. Word count is limited to 5,000 words for short stories and creative nonfiction pieces. If you submit a collection of poetry, limit the total word count to 5,000.
  5. Limit to 2 short stories, 2 CNF pieces, or 5 poems. OR 1 short story or 1 CNF piece and 3 poems.

Themed submissions will have its own section within the journal. We will still accept submissions even if you don’t follow the themes.

Fall 2018

We are sad to report the postponement of the Dream Write Literary Symposium that was supposed to take place later next month. Instead, we are happy to announce that it will be coming to Cedar City in the fall. More details will be provided on our main company page and the Facebook page.