Dream Write Literary Symposium

As of today, here is a list of presenters and panelists and what they will be talking about:

Josi S. Kilpack – Extraordinary Characters
Steven Bohls – Wordbuilding/Show and Tell in Plot. Steampunk Panel
​Meg Jensen – Constructing the Novel
Lauren Carter – Who Are You Writing For? Survival Tips for Writing
Sandy H. Steele – Pantsing or Plotting – How about both?
Tasha Seegmiller – Crafting Emotion: Creating Interesting Characters.

Josi will also be our keynote speaker and will be talking with us about creating a unique brand.

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If you would like to present or be part of a panel please visit dwleditingservices.com/events.html

If you would like to be a vendor please see the event page for details.