Submission Guidelines

Welcome to the new Dream Write Literary Journal website. This page is dedicated to providing information for submissions to the creative writing anthology. Please familiarize yourself with our guidelines posted below before submitting.

Call for submissions to our literary journal. We are seeking poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction pieces to include in each volume of this literary anthology. All genres welcome. Please submit your pieces by emailing:

Submission Guidelines:
1. Submit pieces via email to:
2. Use the following in the subject line for submissions: DWL Journal Submissions
3. Up to 5 poems, 2 short stories, and 2 CNF pieces may be submitted per volume. Total submissions per person should not exceed 9 pieces.
4. Accepted pieces will be compensated based on the type and length of the piece.
5. Compensation will be determined during acceptance of each piece into the journal.
6. The DWL Journal must have 40+ entries per volume to begin publication process. In the event the journal does not receive the minimum number of entries, The DWL Journal will extend the deadline until the following quarter. i.e. Deadline: March 15th extended until June 15th.
7. A $25 per piece review fee is optional for those who wish to have their pieces edited by staff. A review will include comments and suggestions on how to improve your piece. Please indicate you would like this in your email to us. We will send you an itemized invoice through PayPal.

*Please note that if you have a piece that has been published in another magazine or journal, you may submit to us as long as you have permission from the other publication. If we choose a piece that has previously been published we will simply put, “Previously published in…” and then where, at the end of the piece. Please include where it has been published so we may add this to our publication.

Dream Write Literary Journal will announce those who will be in each volume via email. If you are not chosen, please feel free to work on your piece(s) and resubmit, as we will have a new call for submissions every three months.

Guidelines will be per deadline date.

Submission Deadlines:

March 15th

June 15th

September 15th

December 15th

We look forward to reading your submissions and good luck. Happy writing!

We are also seeking readers/editors to be on our committee for the literary journal. This is a paid independent contractor position. Contractors will be paid once the volume you worked on is published.

Please contact Sandy Steele at: for further information.

Volume I is Available for purchase on Amazon
Volume II is Available for purchase on Amazon
Volume III – TBA
Volume IV – TBA
Volume V – TBA
Volume VI – TBA